The Legacy of Kurt Cobain Lives On in Converse Sneakers.

Kurt Cobain X Converse Sneakers

In the photograph of Kurt Cobain at the scene of his suicide, you can clearly see his Converse sneakers. He wore these sneakers throughout his short life.

His scruffy look launched the grunge fashion trend — one that continues to this day. In honor of the singer, Converse is releasing three new pairs of shoes adorned with scribbles and drawings from his journals.

The Chuck Taylor All Star

The Chuck Taylor All Star is a shoe that has been worn by all walks of life. Whether scribbled and sketched or roughed up from years of concerts and sneaker love, the All Star is a blank canvas for personal style. Converse vice president of product Brandis Russell says she and the design team are constantly looking to keep the shoe fresh for new generations.

Originally marketed as a basketball sneaker, the All Star has since been adopted by many subcultures including music legends like Sid Vicious and Nirvana. It’s even been dubbed the “grunge sneaker” and has become a staple for skateboarders.

While the All Star has been a mainstay in American footwear, it has struggled to maintain its relevance as competitors like Nike introduced tech-packed performance styles. Fortunately, Smallidge and the design team are keeping the shoe relevant with innovative features like this polyurethane sockliner that makes these sneakers more comfortable to wear.

The Jack Purcell

Badminton world champion Jack Purcell conceived this eponymous shoe for the BF Goodrich Company of Canada in 1935, and Converse purchased the brand in the 1970s. Today, the classic sneaker is known for its thick rubber toe cap that bears a toe line that is often called “smile.”

While the chuck Taylor All Star is certainly the most famous silhouette from Converse, the Jack Purcell is also quite beloved. The sneaker features a thinner upper than the All Star, which makes it less stiff and more flexible. This flexibility allows it to pair well with both casual jeans and a tailored suit.

The sneaker’s design is simple, and it allows for the details of the shoe to really stand out. The herringbone textured outsole is particularly striking. The shoe is available in a number of subdued colors that are perfect for the transition from winter to spring.

The One Star

Originally a basketball shoe, the Converse One Star developed a reputation for toughness that helped it stand out among young renegades and the counterculture movement. Its honest simplicity was ideal for a generation looking to shake off the glitz of pop culture and find their own sense of style.

Even when interest waned in the States, a dedicated fan base continued to keep the sneaker alive in Japan. In Harajuku fashion meccas the One Star found a robust pulse among acolytes of Americana and a new breed of street urchins.

Since then, the sneaker has continued to make waves with skaters and other counter-culture icons around the world. Its classic vulcanised rubber sole and suede upper make it an ideal platform for a whole host of collaborations and style inspiration. The One Star Pro and Regular models differ aesthetically, with the Pros featuring internal elastics that prevent the tongue from sliding too far to the side. This is a great feature for skaters, as it allows for a precise flick.

The Nirvana Collection

The ‘Nirvana’ collection beckons you to explore new color directions and artistic horizons. Built to nurture an inquisitive mind, this set will help you uncover the possibilities of emotion and mood within your images.

The 30th anniversary box set will include remastered versions of the band’s final studio album, In Utero, which was released on Sept. 21, 1993. The deluxe edition will come with a new, 48-page book featuring unreleased photos and two never-before-released full concerts from their In Utero tour. The box set will also come with a replica of the album’s iconic angel cover art, plus three gig fliers, two ticket stubs from L.A. and Seattle shows, and four cloth sticky tour backstage passes.

Our Nirvana Collection is woven in a rich blend of organic textures. This flatweave jute & wool blend is inspired by antique Anatolian and classic Heriz patterns, giving the design a fresh, earthbound quality. This unique textured blend also makes it extremely durable and comfortable.

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