Losing Donald Kurtz: A Reflection on a Man’s Journey

Donald Kurtz of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, Passed Away From Cancer

Donald Kurtz was an Ephrata native who had a love for classic cars and family. He approached his 8 year journey with cancer with a positive attitude. He was always willing to help others.

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Ephrata is a small town with big-town amenities, like great restaurants and family fun. Its location makes it an easy drive to nearby Lancaster and York, and a quick commute to Harrisburg or Philadelphia. The community is a mix of rural farming and historic downtown, with a vibrant arts scene and friendly people.

Located along the Cocalico Creek in northern Lancaster County, Ephrata was founded by German mystic Conrad Beissel and was originally a religious community of celibate Brothers and Sisters along with married families living in unique European-style buildings. It is now a National Historic Landmark.

Ephrata’s industrial development began in 1741 with the construction of a mill. Soon, the area became known as the Fruit Belt. By the 1890s, the Great Northern Railway established a station stop here and named it Ephrata, derived from an Old Testament name for Bethlehem. The name caught on and the town began to grow. Today, it is a prosperous and growing community with many businesses, thriving schools, and low costs of living.

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Kurtz, who died in 2011, was a pioneer of secular humanism, writing or editing more than 50 books on ethics without religion, critical thinking and skepticism. He founded the not-for-profit publisher Prometheus Books, a leader in publishing works that challenge religion. He also helped create the International Humanist and Ethical Union.


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Donald Kurtz was a man of many talents. He loved his family, good food and art in all its forms. He was a great storyteller and always found the fun in any situation. He will be missed by all who knew him. He is survived by his wife, Arlyne, of Ephrata; two sons, Jeremy husband of Melissa and Nathaniel R Kurtz of Lititz; and nine grandchildren. His sister, Mary Jane Arment, of Sarasota, Florida, also survives him.

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